Christian Business Impact Groups

Which of these issues are you struggling with?

Reaching Your Business’ Potential
Do you believe that your business could be so much more than it is now? Is there something deep inside you that wants to take it to levels of size and impact that are significantly greater than it is today? Click here.

Do you know that you would be far more effective if you had someone to hold you accountable for growth in your business and personal life? You just haven’t got the right solution to that at the moment. Click here.

So many decisions that impact so many people. How do you know this is the right decision? It would be great to feel better – more sure – about every decision. Click here.

Watch a five minute video as Dave introduces the idea of a ‘Biblical Business.’

Your Spiritual Potential — 
If only it were simpler. Do you have the right people? Are you managing them effectively? How do you attract, retain and motivate good people? Click here.

Do you feel like you are not at a place, spiritually that you could or should be? Does God have something more for you, but you’re stymied at the moment? Click here.

No one really understands the issues you confront. It would be so good to have someone who understood, who shared your values and beliefs – just to talk to about all the decisions you must make. Click here.

How should you finance the business’s growth? Should you? What about compensation plans for your employees? Is this the wisest use of your resources? Click here.

Watch a 25 minute video to be introduced to
Dave’s virtual Christian Business Impact Groups

Talk to us about our Christian Business Impact Groups -- Small peer groups designed to help one another grow Kingdom business that impact the world.

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