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Finding Powerful and Practical Christian Business Content can be challenging.

Trying to research and create valuable content can be frustrating and exhausting. Nobody should feel they need an MBA and a Master’s of Divinity seminary degree just to support Christian business leaders. You don’t have to spend hours in preparation any more! It is our joy and passion to be your silent laborer in Christ!

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Instant Access to Best-in-Class Proprietary and Open-Source Christian Business Curriculum - Empowering Your Success

Imagine significantly stretching your time giving you more margin for the Important matters instead of spending time on the urgent… 
God said. ”Whatever you do, brethren, work at with all your heart as  working for the Lord, not for men, and you’ll receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.” (Col. 4:23) “Whatever you do” includes your preparation time.  

Vetted and Top-Shelf Content…
Save preparation time while bringing cutting edge value with Christian principals from one of the greatest authorities on Biblical Business, Biblical Leadership, and Biblical Finance. Dave Kahle has literally written the book: The Good Book on Business and worked with thousands of Executives and many hundreds of Christian business leaders.

Use Your “Talents” to Build The Kingdom…
Jesus taught, in the parable of the talents, that we would be blessed for increasing the wealth entrusted to us, not for giving it away. A Biblical business has far greater reach and more sophisticated purposes then just money. Jesus, Charles Grandison Finney, and Billy Graham all focused on ministering to Business Leaders. They need the best you can bring to the table. Perhaps more than anyone else in our society, Christian Business Leaders need Your Talents.

Our Learning Paths (lessons) are...

  • – Created by an experienced Christian business person.
  • – Time Tested and Proven over years of consultative work with Christian business leaders
  • – Specifically created for Christian business people.
  • – Allowed to be duplicated for each of the members of your group.
  • – Designed to take approximately one hour of preparation.
  • – Highly relevant small group discussion.

Every Lesson is Both Strategic and Tactical -- joining best business practices with rich biblical integration...

You’ll feel fulfilled knowing that your content isn’t just MBA teachings with a bible study along side it. Every lesson fully integrates biblical principals into the business content. Each lesson falls into one of three main CATEGORIES:

1) LEADING EDGE: Leading edge business principles and practices – the best from proven ideas and sources.


2) BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES: Biblical business principles and practices – the most powerful practices employed by effective Christian businesses.


3) CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP: personal qualities of character that empower leaders.


How each Lesson works...

It is God who provides for his people and uses you business as a tool to do so. Fellowship, community, sense of purpose, security, personal growth – all of these are God’s blessing channeled through your service to Christian leaders. Yours truly is a special ministry — and you’ll feel that with these Learning Paths.

Each lesson is a downloadable pdf file.

You distribute the Lesson document sometime prior to the meeting.  Participants follow the directions in each – they watch the videos, listen to the podcasts and/or read the blog posts noted in the question.

Each Lesson has a set of questions, and participants are asked to respond, in writing, to the questions, and to bring that document with them to the meeting.

You ask the questions and facilitate the discussion. The discussions are typically 45 – 60 minutes.

Our Proven System...

We are constantly creating new curriculum for the Christian Business Impact Groups that we facilitate; so you’ll never run out of curriculum! We recommend 1 Lesson every month for our groups.

We create content, but most times we curate it from public sources:  YouTube, Vimeo, blogs and podcasts. This way the information is fresh, from trusted sources, ever-evolving, and recognizable.

The Lessons are presented to our groups, and we make some modifications, based on the feedback we receive.

The refined Lessons are then posted for your use on the website.

New Lessons will be added every month!

This is a Ministry for us. We want to Provide You with Tremendous Value!

Two Options For You:

$22.97 ONE-TIME LESSON – Purchase any monthly Lesson complete with a pdf file, directions for the participants, a set of questions to be answered prior to the meeting, and facilitator answers and talking points.

$20 / mo SUBSCRIPTION – Have the entire strategically created curriculum delivered to your email every month! Cancel at any time with no questions asked. You’ll receive a new Lesson on the 1st of every month complete with a pdf file, directions for the participants, a set of questions to be answered prior to the meeting, and facilitator questions and talking points.

Your Ministry Impact...

A Biblical business nurtures the skills and refines the character for the next generation of leaders. You feel a sense of pride as you realize that your efforts in your business have generations of impact. It’s our privilege and honor to partner with you as God uses you to impact significant people for the sake of His Kingdom.



You will receive a Strategically Ordered Lesson each month for $20 per month!


CATEGORY: Leading Edge Business Issues

This Category of Lessons treats common business issues with the best practices and practical wisdom available.  The content is not necessarily ‘Christian’ and many of these practices are best practices from ‘secular’ authorities.

(LE-1) Dealing Effectively with Millennials

Lots of business people are pulling their hair out trying to adjust to the millennial mindset.  This Lesson helps you understand the issues and provides a menu of possible solutions.

(LE-2) Open-Book Management

One way to build employee engagement is to share some of the company’s core information.  This Lesson helps you understand the pros and cons.

(LE-3) The System is the Solution

Growing businesses must create effective systems for every key process within the business.  This allows them to focus on the right things, and helps everyone be more productive. This Lesson shows you how.

(LE-4) Purposeful, Self-Directed Learning


In our rapidly changing world, if you are not changing – both personally and organizationally – at least as fast as the world around you, then you are falling behind. Christian business people are too important to the Kingdom to let that happen.  In this lesson, we examine the need for continuous learning, and offer some proven practices for embedding it into your routines.


(LE-5) Business Measurements


Creating a system to measure key activities and results is one of the steps that moves a company from an entrepreneurial effort to a system-driven business.  This lesson will take you through the process and show you how to take that step.

CATEGORY: Biblical Business Principles and Practices

This Category of Lessons develop principles and practices that are unique to Christian businesses who seek to improve the spiritual impact of the business.

(BB-1) Introduction to Biblical Business

Can a business really be a force in the Kingdom?  Not only can it, but the Lord designed your business to be a spiritual juggernaut.

(BB-2) Embedding Prayer into your Business Practices

If you’re going to allow the Lord to be your general partner, you need to open the channels of communication. Here’s a specific set of ways to do so.

(BB-3) Creating an Annual Plan

In order to focus your organization’s resources where it will get the best results, you’ll need to create an annual plan. This Lesson show you how.

(BB-4) Debt in a Christian Business

Using other people’s money is a classic worldly business strategy.  But, is it appropriate for a Christian business?  This Lesson on-packs that concept.

(BB-5) Creating a Christian Business Culture

One of the characteristics that marks a Biblical business is the exceptional culture within the organization.  In this Lesson, we look at aspects of that, and decide how to begin to create it.

(BB-6) Business Planning with the Holy Spirit


One big step in directing your business to become everything it can be is to invite the Holy Spirit into your planning process. This learning path examines that issue and provides some specific steps to help you take your business planning to a higher level.


(BB-7) Annual Review


One big step in directing your business to become everything it can be is to invite the Holy Spirit into your planning process. This learning path examines that issue and provides some specific steps to help you take your business planning to a higher level.

(BB-8) Transforming Your Business or Career to Multiply Your Kingdom Impact


One big step in directing your business to become everything it can be is to invite the Holy Spirit into your planning process. This learning path examines that issue and provides some specific steps to help you take your business planning to a higher level.

CATEGORY: Christian Leadership

This Category of Lessons looks at the qualities of character necessary to become an effective Christian leader.  It focuses on the individual business owner and executive, with personal character traits.

(CL-1) Humility

This uniquely Christian character trait is fundamental for any leader, and the building block for true leadership.

(CL-2) Courage

There is a reason why the Lord commands his people to “Be strong and be courageous.”

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(CL-3) Fasting

Since the beginning of the Bible story, fasting has been used as powerful tool to shake the heavens and invite God into your life and an extraordinary way.  In this lesson, we look at the issue of fasting and provide specific direction on how to use it as a spiritual weapon in your business and career.

(CL-4) Workplace Evangelism

Christians are often conflicted in the marketplace, not knowing how to share their faith without overstepping the boundaries.  This lesson sorts that out and provides a Biblical basis for an approach to workplace evangelism that everyone can employ.

(CL-5) Preparing Your Personal Testimony


Christians are called to prepare the ‘reason why’ so that it is ready when the opportunity presents itself.  In this lesson, we provide a step-by-step approach to crafting your personal testimony.


(CL-6) Foundational Documents


Every well-run business is based upon a set of principles and processes which guide that business.  We call those foundational documents.  This lesson guides you through the process.

What Others Are Saying...

Ian Wynn, Ian Wynn Optometry

As an optometrist and someone wanting to honour Jesus I find myself in a perpetual struggle keeping the balance between doing for others as I would have them do for me, and making an income. Your posts are a good encouragement that God wants me in my business and that it can be a blessing to my customers, my family and my Lord. I believe if I seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, all things will be added to me for that purpose but we still have to deal with money, sales and costs.

About the Author…

Dave Kahle has been a Bible teacher, elder, house church leader, short-term missionary and Christian executive roundtable leader.  For 30 years, he has been an authority on sales and sales systems, having spoken in 47 states and eleven countries.  He has authored 13 books, including The Good Book on Business.

His books have been translated into eight-plus languages and are available in over 20 countries. He holds a B. of ED from the University of Toledo, and MA in Teaching from Bowling Green University.

He and Coleen split their time between Grand Rapids, Michigan and Sarasota, Florida.  He is a father, foster father, adoptive father and grandfather to 14 children.