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Our Solution:
Christian Executive Round Tables

Join one of our Christian Business Impact Groups.

  • Roundtable groups meet both locally around the country, as well as nationally and internationally via video conferencing.
  • A small group advisory board of like-minded Christian business people.
    • A dozen or so of your colleagues who meet with you every month.
  • A curriculum designed to help you multiply the impact of your business.
    • Proven content for Christian business leaders, delivered 24/7 over the internet.
Watch a 25 minute video to be introduced to
Dave’s virtual  Christian Business Impact Groups.

If you have ever entertained the idea that there is more for you…
More in the spiritual impact of your business
More in the economic impact of your business
More in power and presence in your spiritual life
More peace and prosperity in your personal life.

Read an article on executive roundtables originally published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune.


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