Dave Kahle

By the Numbers

Dave Kahle by the Numbers

He’s been the number…
salesperson in the country for
different companies, in two distinct industries and selling situations.

He’s a high energy, intense, world-class speaker who has presented in
Canadian provinces
11 Countries and
47 US States

You had a very difficult task speaking at the end of a long day and you were magnificent! In fact, Dave, you didn’t make a presentation at Marketing & Sales Success Convention, you gave a performance, the likes of which I have never seen before. Such courage! Such professionalism! The incredible energy you drew from the depths of your being inspired over 300 people to stay with you to the very last minute. You gave the day a momentous finale. We are privileged to know you.”

Joan Wright, Director, Professional Sales Association

He has been in practice for:
25 years, and in that time has authored
13 books, including Question Your Way to Sales Success10 secrets of Time Management for Salespeople, and How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime.

His books have been translated into:
languages and are available in
20 countries.

He has spoken to meetings and conventions of:
89 associations, and has trained or consulted for
529 individual companies.

“Your presentation was EXCELLENT… All comments on our questionnaire were raves on your presentation — and I strongly would recommend you as one of the BEST SPEAKERS we have had in 15 years.”

Cara R. Giebner, Executive Director Suspension Specialists Association

He writesand publishes and Ezine for salespeople  and managers called “Sell Better” which is distributed

48 times a year to over
7,000 opt-in subscribers

His articles have been published over
1,000 times

He has trained and certified more than

2,041 sales managers in the Kahle Way® Sales System
Tens of Thousands of B2B salespeople

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