Are you DONE with institutional Christianity?

You are not alone.  According to Barna Research, a sizable and growing percentage of the Christian population is leaving the institutional church.  Many of these people were formerly very active in their churches and remain deeply committed to Christ.  They increasingly find the institutional church is an obstacle to their spiritual growth.  Barna calls these people ‘DONES’ to signify that they are done with the institutional church.

After they get beyond the guilt of not ‘going to church,’ other Dones commonly report a sense of clarity, like a fog lifting, and being able to see spiritual issues more clearly.  They report a new sense of freedom in Christ, a greater reliance on the leading of the Holy Spirit, more relationships with other Christians, a more intentional prayer life, and a closer relationship with God. 

In short, leaving the institutional church has become one of the most positive spiritual decisions in their lives. This site is designed to support and empower Dones and those who are questioning their involvement with the institutional church in their journey. 



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