Are you being blinded by Cataract Beliefs?

We all form beliefs about our worlds and the institutions and people around us.  They influence our behavior and help us to navigate our lives.   

But some, like the belief that the earth was flat in Christopher Columbus’ time, are incorrect.  These erroneous beliefs and false paradigms produce lives that attain only a fraction of their potential. 

This is especially true for religious beliefs.  Our modern Christian culture supports a number of erroneous beliefs that are commonly held, but unsupported by the Bible.  These Cataract Beliefs gradually limit our perspectives and the impact of our lives. 

The first step in breaking free of these Cataract Beliefs is to become aware of them. Download this free E-book, and take the first step to free yourself.

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 Let me help you break free of some beliefs that are hindering your spiritual growth and the impact your life can have.  I'll send you Cataract Beliefs, and enroll you to my twice-a-month Biblical Business newsletter. 

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