There are Biblical Businesses in industries and locations around the world.  On this page, we are highlighting some of them.  If you have a business that you would like to list here, contact us. Click on the business name to read the profile.

EC Group, Inc.    Industry:     Employee leasing  Size: 20 – 50 employees

Homecoders   Industry:  Placement       Size:  0 – 20 employees

Howell Plumbing Supply  Industry:   Wholesale Plumbing      Size: 80 -100 employees

Performance Systematix, Inc.    Industry:  Manufacturing          Size:   80 – 100 employees

RiteWay Conveyors  Industry:  Manufacturing  Size:  30 – 50 employees

The Innogroup Companies    Industry:  Several  Size:  200 + employees

VFP, Inc.   Industry: Software   Size:  0 – 20 employees




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