What is the best way to fund the expansion of my business? Chances are, if your business is at all successful, you are going to confront that question. At some point, you’ll need a larger space, more computers, more sophisticated software, and more equipment.  You’ll have to buy raw materials, build your inventory and hire additional people.  You’ll need to invest in continual training and developing your people.

All of this requires an upfront investment of money, invested with the hope of it bringing a return and growing your business’s size, profitability and impact. And, of course, that investment is made with the risk that it may never work out the way you’re planning.

So, you’ve prayed about it.  You’ve run the numbers, considered all the alternatives, and you’ve come up with a set of conclusions:

1. You should grow your business.

2. This is the time and opportunity to take the next step.

3. It requires more money than you have.

Now, you are faced with the decision.  How do you fund it?  Where does the money come from?

There is an answer out there in the compendium of worldly wisdom.  Depending on the size of your business the conventional wisdom says that you go to the bank and borrow the money.

Does that knee-jerk reaction, and off-the-cuff advice hold true for a Christian business?  Is there some direction in scripture that would lead us to an alternate approach?

That was the question I confronted on behalf of a number of members of my CBIG (Christian Business Impact Group) groups. After a lot of research, Bible study, and reflection on my own experiences, I’ve put together an E-book which addresses the subject head-on.

A Christian Guide to Financing Business Growth examines the pros and cons of a number of alternatives, provides some guidelines and recommends a step-by-step process for financing your growth.   You’ll find it to be extremely helpful.

This is reference material that you can use for the rest of your life.  It can help guide decisions that will impact your future and that of all your employees, customers, vendors, and all their families.

And it’s free.  Click here to receive your copy.