The Christian Sales Scholarship

College students

The Christian Sales Scholarship


 A $1,500 annual award to a Christian college student studying to become a professional salesperson.  Offered by Dave Kahle and Kahle Way(r) Sales Systems.


We want to encourage the view of professional sales as an important Kingdom effort. In the last decade or so, a number of colleges have created curriculums and majors for professional salespeople, so that young people can now prepare themselves for a career in sales. We hope to seed the profession with Christians who can be salt and light to the companies and industries they serve.


  1. Evidence of a faith in Jesus Christ and a relationship with God.
  2. GPA of at least 2.75
  3. Enrolled in a course of study in preparation for a professional sales position.
  4. Evidence of a solid work ethic.


Download the application and email no later than September 30.  All applications received during the year will be reviewed and the award made by October 30 of each year.  Download the application here. 


Since 2019, we have awarded grants to students at:

       Baylor University 
       University of Toledo
       Oklahoma Christian University
       Texas A & M University




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