So, what do you think you can do for us?”  The CEO had finally gotten to that question after a couple of hours of introduction to his company and their specific marketing problem. 

          They had a successful company, selling acoustic panels through architects for buildings that had a sound problem.  A year or so ago, they had developed a new product – a computer-operated sign board that allowed building managers to list events and meetings, and to easily change those as needed.  The product had taken a year to develop and the company had poured all its excess financial resources into it – a couple of hundred thousand dollars.  Now, they were having difficulty selling the product, and had no money to invest in a sales and marketing system.

          I answered his question.  “Nothing.  I can’t make something out of nothing.  If you have no money to invest in the system to sell this new product, I can’t do anything for you.”

          Unfortunately, their situation is not unique. 

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