If you have decided to nudge your business in the direction of becoming a Kingdom business, you’ll need to build these three practices into your business routines.

You have a business, or you are responsible for a major portion of one, and you are becoming convinced that it can be more than just a money-making effort — that it has potential to have a spiritual impact.  You’d like to nudge the organization in the  direction of becoming a Kingdom business.   Where do you start?

Here are three essentials you’ll need to help you in the process. You’ll need to build these into your organization and your personal routines in order to increase the likelihood of success.

One:  An ever-growing relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Among other things, a Kingdom business is a spiritual entity that exists to channel God’s love and providence to that portion of the market place in which it operates.  It is far more than just a business owned by Christians who try to operate by Christian principles.  Since a Kingdom business is a spiritual entity, you’ll need spiritual guidance on a day-to-day basis.  You can’t possibly do this on your own.

That means you’ll need to develop a dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit. You may be well on your way and have a developing relationship with the Holy Spirit. Or, you may be one of the many Christians for whom the idea is novel. Regardless of where you are at on this issue, start working on it now.  Like everything else, that relationship is a journey, and you’ll be far further along a year from now than you are now.  Where you start is less important than the progress you make.

There are a number of books, blog posts and videos that can get you started and help you focus on this. Here’s a few to get you started:

How to Develop Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit

As born-again believers in Jesus Christ, we serve a triune God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Genesis 1:26 (AMP) God says, “Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image. … ” This verse reveals God as the Trinity, and we need to worship and have relationship with each Person of the Godhead.


Two:  A picture of what a Kingdom business looks like.

Before you can decide to be something, it helps to know what that thing looks like. Baseball players, for example, can see what excellent baseball looks like on TV almost every day.  The same is true for all the major sports.  If you want to see what excellence in that sport looks like, you can see it.

For a Kingdom business, it isn’t that easy. Just like in professional sports, in business there is a set of practices that are often implemented by Kingdom businesses.  You’ll need to familiarize yourself with those practices and then methodically imbed them into your organization.

One way to do this is to find Kingdom businesses in your sphere, visit them, and note the practices to which they adhere.  That’s time consuming.

Another way is to study the Bible and identify those business practices that are modeled and taught.  Another way is to find someone or some resource that has already done that and learn from that source.  The Good Book on Business paints a picture of a Kingdom business from the models shown us in the Word.

The Biblical Business Course takes you methodically through the fundamental practices of a Kingdom business and provides a process of transforming your business into a Kingdom entity.

Three:  Join a small group of like-minded Christian business people to meet with regularly.

Transforming your organization into a Biblical business is not an event, it is a continuous process that will take you the rest of your working career.  As you strive for higher degrees of impact, you’ll continue to see a loftier place ahead.  As Vince Lombardi said, you’ll “strive for perfection, and catch excellence.”  Perfection will forever elude you, but the striving for it will be a continuous, never ending process that will produce excellence and greater impact.

That means that you’ll have thousands of decisions to make along the way.  It sure helps if you have a trusted group of like-minded folks to support you and nurture that process.

Because of the specific business focus, you probably won’t find it in a small group at church.  But that’s OK, because there are national and local opportunities to join such a group. Here are four options:

C-12 Group


Truth at Work

Christian Business Impact Groups

I personally manage and facilitate the Christian Business Impact Groups.

These three essentials will put you on the path to a business transformation.  Like traveling on a road trip, these three essentials are like the vehicle, the fuel, and the map.  You’ll still need to travel the course, but you won’t be able to make much progress without them.


Could your business do more than just make money?

Since the dawn of time, businesses have been much more.  Our modern culture has caused us to lose sight of much of the potential in a business.  Read my new book, The Good Book on Business, and your views of business may never be the same.  This may change how you do business forever.

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