In the early 1960’s, this country could be characterized as being predominantly “Christian.” 

          Over the last 50 years, in the space of one or two generations, we have lost the culture.  This is an epic failure, akin to the ancient Israelites giving up the worship of Jehovah and turning to idols.  Our culture has done exactly that.  We have removed God from a central position in our culture and, in His place, have substituted the idols of our times.  Greed, sex, power and secular humanism have replaced Christ as the bedrock of our culture.

          It’s an incredible turn of events.  Here we were, the richest, most prosperous, most Christian nation on earth; founded on Christian principles by Godly men, with a rich culture of God in our schools, in our media, and in our government.  Then, in the space of one or two generations, we have lost it.

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